The meaning of the dream symbol: Orchid

The orchid is a plant which grows wild and brazen in a harsh landscape. Accordingly, the orchid may be symbolic of a resolution for freedom, choice and autonomy. The color of the orchid and direction of its growth, may represent certain facets of our desire for liberation and self-sufficiency in waking life.

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In Ancient China orchids were associated with Spring festivals in which they were used to drive off evil influences, most specifically that of barrenness. As its name implies, the wild orchid is a symbol of fertilization (it derives from the Greek orkhis, ‘testicle’) - In China again, orchids furthermore stimulated procreation and were pledges of fatherhood. However, the deaths of children were regarded as falling under the orchid’s influence and resulted from cutting the flowers. A flower with a double aspect, which takes back what it gives; nonetheless, its beauty is a symbol of purity and of spiritual perfection.