The meaning of the dream symbol: Plum

Far Eastern painters frequently use plum-trees as their subjects, since the tree is primarily a symbol of Spring. It is sometimes a symbol of Winter, as well, since it blossoms at the end of that season and marks renewal and the season of youth which is on the verge of manifestation. It is also a symbol of purity, since the blossom appears before the leaf. A Sung dynasty monk, Chung Jen, devoted an entire book to the plum-tree in blossom, making it a symbol of the universe.

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It is true that there is a relationship between plum-blossom and immortality, that the Immortals feed upon it and that it was in fact the badge of Lao Tzu, since he was born under a plum-tree and announced that he would make it his patronymic.

In Japan the plum is one of the trees of good omen.

The North American Pawnee Indians regard the wild plum as a fertility symbol, since it is so prolific.

In dreams, its fruit sometimes has an erotic significance.