The meaning of the dream symbol: Road

The twists and turns and ups and downs of the road you are travelling along in a dream probably represent a recurring pattern in your life. Do you ascend but never reach your destination? Then you should ask what is preventing you from achieving your goal: is it the right goal; or are you not being determined enough; are there internal complexes or negative attitudes that cause you to underachieve or bungle things or turn down the opportunities that life offers you? Does the road follow a clockwise course.

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The overall symbolism of the road involves freedom, movement and travel. It is the long existence into the unknown. However, unlike the highway which is impersonal and seems to go on forever, the road often carries with it aspects of familiarity in the shape of houses, street signs, people, in other words, entire neighborhood vistas. In this sense, the road may promise a new way of life which is not entirely alien to our own subtle sensibilities.

Alternatively, a lone, empty road in the middle of the night, might reflect darker and perhaps frightening choices which we have made in the not too distant past. As such, do we desire this ‘road less taken’, or do we find ourselves entirely lost.

In another interpretation of the road dream, we examine the idea of continual movement whence we (as driver or hitchhiker) never stop to plant our roots firmly into a single way of life. This dream rather eloquently illustrates an internal restlessness which may reflect our interrelationships and social moorings. In this dream landscape, our unconscious may reveal certain images of people or places which momentarily appeal to us. We may need to explore these metaphorical offerings from our sleeping mind.

If you can identify what the block symbolizes, you will know what it is that prevents you from reaching the fulfilment you desire. If there are policemen or soldiers there, do they represent your super-ego ('conscience')? If so, bear in mind that our inhibitions are not always rational and do not always serve our best interests. The main thing is to enter into dialogue with those who have made the road blocks: ask them why they are blocking your way, and who put them up to it?