The meaning of the dream symbol: UFO

The image of a UFO, or space crafts in general, involves a dire hope for something entirely new in the realm of experience, which hold the key to deliver us from ourselves, in other words, the limitations of our reality.
The UFO perceptively travels through space, and perhaps even time, and, in the very essence of their living breathing being, transcend all earthly realities. In this, they may in fact, seem able to solve ALL our self-imposed, yet nevertheless complex, ensnarements of civilization. This factor gives them unbelievable emotional, as well as, psychological appeal.

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It is assumed, that these beings immediately understand the troubles facing our world and once prepared, will begin the process of healing all the unnecessary wounds. Conversely, we may find a fear of aliens, which may involve a general insecurity about our own well being. In this sense, we may feel ever-vulnerable to an invisible enemy who observes us from the heavens.

Alternatively, the alien who comes to conquer mankind and is instead defeated by (mankind), may involve a complex compensation concerning individual and social strengths, as if to say, even though we seem weak, chaotic and vulnerable, when we stand together, we can conquer the stars themselves.

The dream itself therefore, is as complicated as the dreamer’s psychological perception of the world. Accordingly, we need to determine the hopes and fears of the dreamer. Moreover, we may need to analyze religious or spiritual tenets to uncover the dreamer’s relation and thoughts about an unseen outside force. Naturally, in many ways, aliens may be (and have been) compared to deities.